Keeley Hawes and Upstairs Downstairs

Both Keeley Hawes and Ed Stoppard were on BBC Breakfast Friday morning, talking about the series premiere of Upstairs Downstairs this Sunday.

You can watch the entire BBC Breakfast episode HERE (while it lasts?).  The Upstairs Downstairs portion begins around 23 minutes into the episode. Keeley and Ed begin their interview at 26:37.

Also, you can view the behind the scenes piece that was shown on BBC Breakfast HERE.  

The Mirror has an article about Keeley Hawes in which she talks about family, filming Upstairs Downstairs, and some of the events that her character, Lady Agnes will face this series.

She ended up half naked and frozen during late-night filming in a Cardiff park.

“I was wearing a pair of black satin hot pants, white blouse and plimsolls, leaping around doing star jumps by torchlight at 11pm,” she reveals.

About Lady Agnes: 

The series finale will also be a roller coaster. “There’s a huge shock in store for Agnes which the viewer discovers before she does.

"When she finds out it’s heartbreaking. It was a shock to read in the script. You just go, ‘Oh, God’.

And finally, Keeley Hawes will be on BBC Radio 4 Loose Ends tonight!

(thanks to Lorna and Jane)